Our Ayurvedic Detox and Anti-Aging Programs

The basis of the applications made in our center is based on “PanchaKarma”. The answer to the question of what is PanchaKarma is an Ayurvedic based Anti-aging detox treatment program for body, mind and soul integrity. Although we call the program as a detox program, the procedures applied are quite different from the regular detoxes .As understood from the definition of PanchaKarma, it is a form of treatment.

The body is a whole and is in constant contact with the soul and mind. Throughout life, even in the womb, we are exposed to toxins that make the body sick, by wearing out and cause fast and premature aging. These toxins can be environmental as well as mental toxins such as stress. Ayurvedic panchakarma detox program starts the regeneration and rejuvenation process by removing these toxins from the body that we are aware of or not.

The Ayurvedic detox program is a system that has been practiced for thousands of years. Medicinal herbs and oils of nature are used in the programs prepared specifically for the person and the seasons. During this period, the person is also supported with strengthening special nutrients with healing properties.

In Ayurvedic nutrition program, how and when you eat is as important as what you eat. Due to that our doctor and his team will ask you for a detailed preliminary information form and will schedule your whole day in detail.

In Ayurvedic panchakarma detox programs, we enable you to get to know your body as a whole and communicate with it. When your body is in harmony with your soul and mind, you will feel younger and healthier with ayurvedic panchakarma detox programs. You will feel the effect of the anti-aging program not just as an image, but with a more flexible and stronger musculoskeletal system.

Self awareness is the most amazing experience someone can have. Ready to meet yourselves!

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